Package Includes

1 x Galaxy Star Projector
1 x Remote
1 x USB cable

Please Note Batteries are not included, also it does not support 5G wifi

First, Open the packaging and connect the USB type - C Provided with any adapter or power-bank (not provided).

Than switch the button on, it will prompt "Bluetooth is on" or something similar

Insert 2 x AAA Batteries (not included) inside the remote

We have several options to operate the device:

1. Remote control - use remote control to control the settings, the settings can be seen in the image below

2. Bluetooth connectivity

This setting allows you to play music while connecting your phone, just pair a new device and set to allow new connections

How to connect with APP: (Do Read)

1. Download the App "Smart life" or "tuya smart"

How to connect galaxy star projector with APP

2. Turn WiFi and Bluetooth ON for your device

3. Connect the USB type-C provided with the packaging with the BabiesMart Galaxy Star Projector, please note: these devices are plug and play - it has to be connected with power to keep it on. You can also use a Power-Bank for easy access to the projector.

4. After installing any of the above mentioned two apps, launch the app and register using your email to access the dashboard.

5. After login - click the (+) sign on the upper right corner and choose auto scan

6. Now to make the pairing active for Galaxy Star Projector - turn it on and off 5 times to pair with the app. Let it prompt "Bluetooth is on" and then switch off and ON, repeat it 5 times. 

Note: Doing it very fast or very slow will not show any device, when it prompts "Bluetooth is on" immediately turn it off and then turn it back on. 

[turn ON/OFF nothing else]

Sometimes even doing this right will not allow you to connect it happens sometimes you can connect your Bluetooth with the device just to make sure to find the device in the app.

5. Now, the app does not connect with 5G of your NBN, there will be two WiFi connections available (especially when you have NBN connection) for example Telstra682E and Telstra682E-5G, in this case, connect with Telstra682E if you connect with 5G by mistake it will fail. Wait for the connection to complete 100% to use the app.

How to Connect with Alexa & Google Assistant:

Download APP “Amazon Alexa”.
Search “Smart Life” on the “Alexa Skill”.
Authorize Alexa to log in “Smart Life” APP."
Add Device" to discover the star projector.
Then done, control it with Voice command now.
P.S. Steps to connect Google Assistant same.