NDIS Assistance


Can I use my NDIS Plan to purchase Products?

Although BabiesMart is not a NDIS registered provider, self-managed and plan managed NDIS participants may be able to spend their allocated consumables NDIS funding with us, however the eligibility to buy the items will depend on NDIS participants plan, funding available and approval from NDIS. You can maybe then use your consumables funding to buy products and resources that align with your NDIS goals. Your NDIS plan will state which categories that you have available.

Depending on how your supports are managed will depend on how your order will need to be submitted.


If you are a Self-Managed NDIS participant, you can order from us in one of two ways.

1) Just complete your order via credit/debit card or PayPal and arrange re-reimbursement through NDIS via your receipt which you will receive as soon as payment has been made. As soon we receive the payment via credit/debit card or PayPal we process your order immediately.

2) The following applies to Self and Plan Managed participants:
Add your desired products to your cart
Click on checkout and complete the checkout process
Select the NDIS option under payment type and click Place Order (If you cannot find the NDIS option, please email us on info@babiesmart.com.au

You will receive an order confirmation email followed by an email with order invoice.
Note: Once you receive the order confirmation email, please reply to the email with the following NDIS participants information:

1) NDIS Number

2) First and Last Name

3) Date of Birth

4) Plan Manager Email (If you are Plan Managed)

The above information is required to process the order.

Plan managed participants once we get the above information, we will send the invoice to your Plan Manager and cc you in email. If approved, the Plan Manager will send transfer funds directly to us and once payment has been cleared, your order will be dispatched, and tracking details will be provided.

Self-Managed participants can submit their payment request on the NDIS portal. Once you receive your payment, you can transfer the funds to our account. Your order will be dispatched once the payment clears. We will then provide you with tracking details.

If you have any questions regarding your NDIS consumable funds and require any approvals, please contact the NDIA or your local area coordinator.

Further information can be also found at NDIS.gov.au or by calling NDIA on 1800 800 110.